Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Changing for nu phone?

Blackberry..I'm already fall in love wit this baybeh.Aifon?Norkiah?Cokelat?Feels like all of these fellas are tiny like atom when comparing wit my baybeh..heheh.My fren already bought this baybeh,but his phone model is Blackberry Curve.Smaller Qwerty keyboard compared to Bold but it still look blazing sweet!damn..I feel like i'm in heaven while holding it.It fitted my palm well.duhh..i want it sooo muchhhhh!!!!waaaarghhhhh~

p/s:Aifon sucks?heh..

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Ben Heine


razif said...


ummi.akalilmuslim.ayah said...

tau....tak dpat erk...

razif said...

mai..tolong blikan..ahahaha

ummi.akalilmuslim.ayah said...

nnti erk...bila dah kaya raya....dengan seikat puluhan duit..wakakak