Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Damn you Apple!!

Memula IPhone 2G..pastu kuar Iphone 3G and Ipod Touch...tup2 keluar 3GS pulak..yg agak latest IPad Wifi n 3G...........dan paling ultimate gampang latest Apple announced to the world is
IPhone 4!!!Now with slimmer design, better battery life(compared to the previous IPhone version),video call function,HD video recording,retina display(sharpest display in Iphone+Ipod Touch family)...Damn you Apple..damn you!!!!!!

p/s:-Gonna miss my Norkiah 3310..old skool gadget FTW!!

Post Pic:- Apple


nainafadina said...

the latest one kan...nanti amik cheque kt office ok..brape u nak? agagaggaga

razif said...

Sebutir sudah memadai..hoho